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Dangerous Name

1# Main Topics and Applications
This standard specifies the name and number of dangerous goods.
This standard applies to transportation, production, storage and sales of dangerous goods.

2# Reference standard
GB 6944 Classification and code of dangerous goods
GB 7694 Naming principle of dangerous goods

3# Term
Refers to the items added to water, alcohol or other solvents, to reduce the solution concentration or viscosity of the coating.
Refers to the surface of the treated materials, coating a layer of oil, wax or other material, to prevent water or other items with the chemical reaction

4# Category 1 Explosives
4.1 Section 1 With a mass explosion hazard of substances and articles
4.2 Section 2 A projectile hazard but no mass explosion hazard of substances and articles
4.3 Section 3 A small explosion or fire hazard and a smaller projectile hazard, or both, but no mass explosion hazard of substances and articles
4.4 Section 4 No significant risk of explosive substances and articles
4.5 Section 5 Very insensitive explosive material

5# Category 2 Compressed gas and liquefied
5.1 Section 1 Flammable gases
5.2 Section 2 Non-combustible gases
5.3 Section 3 Toxic gases

6# Category 3 Flammable liquids
6.1 Section 1 Low flash point liquid
6.2 Section 2 Mid flash point liquid
6.3 Section 3 High flash point liquid

7# Category 4 Flammable solids, spontaneous combustion and wet combustible materials
7.1 Section 1 Flammable solids
7.2 Section 2 Spontaneous combustion
7.3 Section 3 Flammable when wet

8# Category 5 Oxidizers and organic peroxides
8.1 Section 1 Oxidizers
8.2 Section 2 Organic peroxides

9# Category 6 Poisons and infectious substances
9.1 Section 1 Poisons
9.2 Section 2 Infectious substances

10# Category 7 Radioactive materials

11# Category 8 Corrosive substances
11.1 Section 1 Corrosive acid
11.2 Section 2 Alkaline corrosive substances
11.3 Section 3 Other corrosive substances

The standard proposed by the Ministry of Communications.
This standard is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry Standards and Metrology.
The standard water by the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Roads is responsible for drafting.
The main drafters Mu Xihua, Han Pingping, Fan Guigen, Tan Shanglin, Chen Yue.
The standard reference United Nations Committee of Experts on Transport of Dangerous Goods recommended《Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Case》 

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