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Inter maritime transport

Our company can provide customers with commodity inspection declaration, foreign trade agency, commodity inspection, export agent, international freight forwarding, including the cabinet and a series of export of professional services. With many years experience in the commodity inspection declaration and customs and a good working relationship, so that clearance soon, check cabinet small, fast and safe known as a professional inspection customs and foreign trade agency business, we sincerely look forward to work together with you create a win-win situation. Professional packaging container exported, quality assurance, be safe, fast, pay customs, security is not inspection, to ensure fast track, while also depending on your requirements and reasonable customs! Difficult for a variety of miscellaneous export license, we can provide you with an effective solution! Excellence and dedication to work is our business of the foundation.

Sea export business scope:
According to the customer, commissioned goods for export before and after all of the business; provide a list of various approval documents; Drawing various types of documents; booking, customs clearance; handling certificate, insurance and inspection certificate; container leasing and packing; domestic transportation, enter the harbor, loading; issuing bills of lading, shipping and handling cost settlement, Express domestic and foreign documents; for the import customs in foreign countries, tax, unpacking, transit, delivery; for foreign business of agents.

Booking Agent:
We have a worldwide network of service agents, and COSCO, CMA CGM, K-LINE, MAERSK, APL and other world-renowned shipping companies established many years of cooperation and good relations is to provide you the most efficient transportation, the most affordable transportation low fares guarantee!

Trade Agency:
Company can provide for the actual import and export trade agent window, provide verification forms, and with a professional team of more than one system box for customers, invoices, power of attorney, a single settlement system, a full set of import and export documents and other business.

Customs Inspection Inspection:
My company has a good reputation, urgent customer needs, what customers are thinking, our company based on the nature of co-operation of customers, products, etc., and then according to our understanding of the professional expertise to help clients develop a convenient clearance program.

Shipping Agency:
To provide charter booking, versions and documents, schedules notice, freight inquiry, agent insurance, railway, road transit transport, overseas import and export transportation networks and other related services for overseas customers and domestic customers with network proxy service, including the operation of the specified goods and freight payment arrangements as well as inland extension service. Long sail according to the customer's specific goods and routes tailored to your program for your shipping, reducing shipping costs.

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