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International air transport

Cheng Jie shipping its fast, safe, high efficiency on time to win a large market, greatly reducing the delivery time for the logistics supply chain to accelerate cash flow and circulation play a great motivational. Major airlines have put a lot of points to take cargo flights piece of cake. However, the cost of shipping by air is relatively high, the time required for the high cost of sea-air ratio of about 1:10.

Air Inquiry eight elements:

1 Name (if dangerous) 2 Weight (fee involved), volume (size of bubble size and whether the goods), 3 package (whether wooden box, with or without tray), 4 destination airport (if basic points), 5 requires time (or straight non-fly), 6 required flight (flight service and the price difference), 7. lading category (main and sub-single-single), 8 required transportation services (customs clearance mode, agency documents whether the clearance delivery, etc.)

Heavy air cargo:

1CBM = 167KG volume weight and actual weight comparison, which large according to which charges

Air freight structure and composition:

1.Airfreight freight (airlines charge), 2.Fuel sur charge fuel surcharge (based on the airport, the purpose of different price points, Hong Kong is generally the first four or so, before 3.6, up to 4.8 last year, the price adjustment from the airport, generally to Asia is two), 3. security fee (received a Hong / kg fixed costs), 4. Airport operating costs (Hong Kong HKD283 / votes, the airport is responsible for cargo on the plane, etc.), 5, terminal costs: 1.72/kg when the goods to the dealer when the dealer is responsible for such things as playing board, and ultimately charged by the airport), 6 air master fee: HKD15/bl --- the cost of the bill of lading is a document of title. Described above accounts for the large cost of the composition of the airlines, mainly the Hong Kong airport. Because the large free trade port Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Airport is the world's largest airport, few limits, a wide range of cargo aircraft and more, the existing 78 airlines. More than 100 daily flights, accommodation and services to ensure the case can be preferred. However, cost is generally higher than the domestic two yuan!

Air used the term:

ATA / ATD (Actual Time of Arrival / Actual Time of Departure) the actual arrival / departure time of the abbreviation.

Air waybill (AWB) (Air Waybill): by the shipper or the shipper's documents issued in the name, is the transport of goods between the shipper and the carrier's certificate.

Unaccompanied baggage (Baggage, Unaccompanied): non-portable and checked baggage through to delivery of checked baggage way.

Bonded Warehouse (Bonded Warehouse): In this warehouse, or things you can not limit the circumstances in the store without paying import duties.

Spare parts of goods (Bulk Cargo): not loaded into the cargo on pallets and boxes of spare parts of goods.

CAO (Cargo for Freighter Only): "Only cargo aircraft carrier," the abbreviation, that can only be carried by cargo aircraft.

To pay the freight (Charges Collect): set out in the air waybill to the consignee charges.

Freight prepaid (Charges Prepaid): set out in the air waybill on the shipper paid the costs.

Chargeable Weight (Chargeable Weight): used to calculate the weight of air freight. Weight can be a volume billing weight, or when the cargo is loaded on the vehicle when, with a loaded vehicle weight minus the weight.

CIF CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freightage): refers to the "cost, insurance and freight" that C & F plus the seller for the purchase of goods loss and damage insurance. The seller must sign a contract with the insurer and pay the premiums.

Consignee (Consignee): The name specified in the air waybill, the carrier received by the person transporting the goods.

Consignment (Consignment): by the carrier at a time and place to receive one or more of the goods the shipper and the carrier with a single air waybill to a certain destination.

Shipper (Consignor) is equivalent to the shipper.

Set of cargo (Consolidated Consignment): two or more shipper makes up the shipment of goods, each agent of the shipper with the set of signed air transport contract.

Cargo agents (Consolidator): the set of cargo goods assembled in person or institution.

COSAC (Community Systems for Air Cargo): "high knowledge" computer system acronym. Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited, the central logistics management information and computer systems

Customs (Customs): responsible for collecting import and export duties, to suppress smuggling and narcotics trade and abuse of government agencies (in Hong Kong, said Hong Kong Customs)

Customs Code (Customs Code): by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C & ED) for the shipment code to add the word to indicate the results of customs clearance cargo terminal operators or request / clearance actions taken by the consignee.

Clearance (Customs Clearance): In the country of origin, transit and destination for the transport of goods or goods that must be extracted to complete customs formalities.

Dangerous Goods (Dangerous Goods): refers to dangerous goods when transported by air to the health, safety or property caused a major threat to the article or substance.

Transportation declared value (Declared Value for Carriage): declared by the shipper to the carrier the value of goods, the purpose is to determine or set the freight carrier for loss, damage or delay liability limits.

Customs Value (Declared Value for Customs): for, the amount of the approved tariff and the value of goods declared to Customs.

Advances (Disbursements): by the carrier or other carrier paid to the agent, then the carrier to the consignee by the final charges. These costs are usually paid an agent or other carrier for the transport of goods and pay for shipping and miscellaneous fees and charges.

EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transportation): "Management, business and transport of electronic data exchange," the abbreviation. EDIFACT for electronic data exchange message syntax international standards.

Embargo: refers to the carrier in a certain period of time refused any route or part of them or accept the transfer of routes from the carrier in any area or place any goods, any type or class of goods.

ETA / ETD (Estimated Time of Arrival / Estimated Time of Departure): estimated arrival / departure time of the abbreviation.

Export license (Export License): permit holder (consignor) of goods to a specific destination, the government designated export license file.

FIATA (Federation Internationale des Associations de Transitaires etssimilées)

FIATA licensee - the licensee FIATA documents issued in Hong Kong [shippers and shipping agents as proof of receipt (FCR) of the FIATA Bill of Lading (FBL)] [FIATA Bill of Lading (FBL) "as Carrier" & Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FCR)] members. By freight forwarders liability insurance cover (minimum limits of liability: US $ 250,000).

FOB: In the "FOB" under the conditions of contract for the sale of goods specified by the seller at the loading port shipment. Goods, the risk of loss or damage to the goods after the ship's side (ie, after the ship left the dock is placed) when they transfer to the buyer, handling charges paid by the seller.

FOB Airport: This is the general term like FOB terms. The seller to deliver the goods at the departure airport and air carrier, the risk of loss will be from the seller to the buyer.

Freight Forwarders: provision of services (such as receipt, transfer or delivery of goods) to ensure and facilitate cargo transport agent or company.

Gross Weight: the full weight of cargo, including containers and packaging materials weight.

HAFFA: Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (HAFFA) acronym, was founded in 1966, is a promotion, protection and development of goods transport in Hong Kong non-profit organization.

Air freight bill of lading (ie: Freight Waybill) (HAWB) (House Air Waybill): This document includes assembling goods in a single piece of cargo, a collection of people from the issue of mixed goods, and includes an agent to the unpacking instructions.

IATA: abbreviation for the International Air Transport Association. IATA is the air transport industry organization for airlines, passengers, shippers, travel agents and government services to provide services. Air Transport Association aims to promote safety and standardization (baggage checks, tickets, weight list), and to assist the approved international air fares. IATA's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.


Shipper should provide the information: name of goods, number, weight, Carton size, destination and port of destination, consignee name, address, telephone, shipping time, shipper name, phone, address.

The declaration should provide information on:

1 lists, contracts, invoices, brochures, write-off single

(2) fill out the customs power of attorney, commissioned by the forwarder or customs broker customs processing

3 confirm whether they have the right to import and export quotas and the need for the product

4 According to the above document by the trade commission and the customs declaration on behalf of the credit line

Shenzhen Airport Customs documents

a. Import and Export Customs Brokerage Attorney (must be approved by the Customs in accordance with the format)

b. declaration (classified according to the nature of the company to provide)

c. Invoice (2 originals)

d. Packing List (2 originals)

e. Verification Form (one original)

f. Other documents required by the Customs (contracts, mechanical and electrical cards, etc.)

Note: Shenzhen Airport Have Two Terminal:

1 China Southern Airlines cargo terminal (for CZ, CA, MU's goods)

(2) Air pickup station (CZ, CA, MU goods other than airlines)

Working time 8:30-17:30 (year-round)

Airport / airline cargo


1 tally: the goods when the goods sent to the relevant station, freight forwarders, according to airline waybill number, making the main label and tag, attached to the goods, in order to facilitate the departure port and destination port shippers, freight forwarding, loan station, customs, airlines, commodity inspection and consignee identification.

2 weighing: good label will be affixed to the goods by the cargo terminal had security checks, weighing, and calculate the volume weight of the amount of cargo size, cargo terminal, after the entire single cargo weight and volume weight of the actual write "the book shipped to be received." stamped "security chapter," "may chapters collection, transportation," and signature confirmation.

3 hit single: Freight cargo terminal according to the "collection, transportation and books can be" to all the goods data, into the airline's consignment.

4 things special treatment: the importance of the goods may, risk, and shipping restrictions (such as oversized, overweight, etc.), cargo carrier airline representatives will be asked to review, and signed instructions before warehousing.


1 documents: the consignor must issue a list of invoices, contracts, inspection instructions

(2) Inspection: Inspection Bureau will be taking samples of goods or on-site assessment, to make audit conclusions.

3 released: commodity inspection, the Inspection Bureau in the "inspection power of attorney" made certification.


1 single trial: goods under the customs declaration of goods and documents audit

(2) inspection: random or self-examination by the freight forwarder (peril)

3 Taxation: Customs in accordance with the type of goods, in accordance with the provisions of national law collected taxes, and fill the verification form (for exports of goods, the owner with tax).

4 released: The above procedure is complete, the Customs will release the goods in the relevant customs clearance documents stamped chapter, to the relevant customs broker.

Port of destination:

1 directly to the port of destination: AWB will be played on the consignee for customs clearance and receipt of goods

(2) non-Fonda port of destination: the airline will transport the goods to its final destination, then the consignment to the consignee shown on the clearance, to receive the cargo.

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