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Air transport

 Business Overview:

     According to the customer request, take interview ,fax, E-mail, e-commerce, many provide advisory services, and immediate feedback such as customs declaration files, airlines, flight routes, type (whole) transportation terms and destination information. Such as long as let us know about your air freight service needs, we will ensure that provide the most suitable services.
Advantages Routes:
    Hong Kong: EK advantage route/TG (southeast Asia, Australia) / AF/Hong Kong UPS
    Shenzhen: UPS/UPS-meet fly Middle East point/AK EK (southeast Asia) / AK (Australia)
Air Export:
         Free Pick Up
         Customs declaration/inspection/insurance
         Operation, Documentation
         Export Pinhuo Service 
         Special project air freight service

Air Import:

         Undertake the whole import transport and related every link of the service from all over the world to us
         Provide fast customs clearance, supervision, distribution, transshipment
         Relying on our airport customs bonded warehouse, provide professional bonded warehouse storage service
         For overseas agent or the customer designated import cargo operation
         Air freight consolidation goods disassembling service
         A variety of fast and efficient way to transport, air transport, land transportation, railway transport or mixed transhipment, etc                           
        To provide the goods of real-time inquires the tracking, grasp the core of the logistics and to keep the information feedback
        Various forms of payment, can provide proof of settlement and the detailed cost analysis
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